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Systematic defect elimination

Our range of proactive preventative blade inspection and integrity management (Biim) services are flexible and can be tailored to provide a range of options based on:

Biim Overview

  • Proactive and preventative, blade inspections and maintenance routines
  • Effect and retain the highest levels of blade efficiency and productivity
  • Install and reinforce vital leading edge protection Biim coatings that eliminate and control existing blade leading edge erosion. Click here to read more about WTG Offshore’s Biim® TRI-Coat (PDF Download)

Biim Proactive Solution benefits

The WTG Offshore Biim delivers tailored, blade inspection and integrity management solutions that reduce the risks of leading edge erosion, lowers costs, provide improvements in efficiency and safety of your blades.

Our Biim solutions build high reliability, by applying individually tailored, site specific preventative maintenance routines and coatings aimed at eliminating leading edge erosion issues and ensuring effective lightning protection system performance.

WTG Offshore are pleased to offer Worldwide, onsite or Instant online on demand access to experienced:

  • Blade Engineers
  • QA/QC Report Documentation Instructors
  • Complex Repair Instructor Trainers
  • LEP application Instructor Trainers

Wtg Offshore can assist Blade management companies and Asset owners by providing a dedicated and individually structured blade engineering support either onsite or online and provide instruction and training to enable your own technicians to successfully complete complex structural repair solutions with all the required supporting report documentation. Initial review of damage reports and compilation of approved written repair procedures.

Provision of OEM Warranty performance inspections during the warranty period to ensure blades exit OEM warranty in acceptable condition, avoiding protracted repair programs, resulting in turbine loss production time.

Thus our composite instructor trainers are all competent and qualified blade repair technicians (GBS/Siemens/LM) factory trained and Irata certified personnel able to carry out the instruction and training, at onsite facilities on online and on demand. Therefore proactively ensuring your asset’s Blade availability and return to service minimising the downtime.

Ensuring the verification and assurances from OEM’s are developed and will provide a robust, adequate, planned and preventative maintenance strategy ensuring the quality and performance of blades at the end of warranty.

This can be provided for, by carrying out proactive preventative maintenance routines coupled with continual reviews of assurance efficiency and independent verifications.

Wtg Offshore work assist your own workforce in upgrading technical skills and knowledge on a continual basis.

"A comprehensive Proactive, Preventative Inspection & Maintenance regime for your fleets Rotor Blades"